Cold War Room

Cold War Room

The Cold War Room was open to the public from 2005 Р2011 as an independent Project in Residence at Proteus Gowanus, an interdisciplinary gallery and reading room in Brooklyn, NY.

An interactive installation, the Cold War Room is modeled after one-room museums that are founded by an individual compelled to better understand an historical moment. The project merges and matches Cold War history with personal history, incorporating mixed-media works on paper (Matchwork), an archive of Cold War documents, photographs and memorabilia, and a library of Cold War books.

Reaching back to early museums that encouraged study and contemplation, visitors are encouraged to contribute their Cold War stories and memorabilia to be displayed in the Cold War Room and to be documented in an online Cold War Archive.

Museum of Matches periodically invites artists to contribute work in response to the museum’s collection. In 2011 a collaborative group of artists created the Berlin Tunnel Project, a month-long installation at Proteus Gowanus responding to a declassified CIA document.

Photos at right: Installation
details, Cold War Room

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